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Dermatologists refer to the acne removal videos of blackheads and small whiteheads as “soft pops,” i.e. They do not require additional tools or incisions. Whiteheads and blackheads require a little poking and prodding to remove them, but the results are satisfactory. Blackheads and whiteheads can return, so you need to follow a skin care plan to prevent new blemishes.

The key to removing pimples, cuts, and drainage is in the right time. Corticosteroid injections smooth out most acne nodules and cysts within 48 to 72 hours. While you wait for your skin to clear, it can be tempting to pop large pimples or to express blackheads.

There is never anything boring in the world of dermatology and we are dealing with many things that people think are gross: cysts that swell from pimples, ruptured skin flakes, protruding growths, and the list goes on. Dermatologists use a few different techniques to get rid of acne. One of these, called acne extraction, involves using a sterile instrument to rid blackheads and whiteheads.
YouTube is awash with videos of dermatologists and ordinary people extracting the toxic fluid from blackheads, cysts, and more. One man is fascinating to another, and there is no better evidence of it than the wild popularity of pimple-popping extraction videos.

Acne Removal videos Disgusting or satisfying

Pimples popping and drainage of cysts and skin is a video obsession that is shared by many people. Those drawn to it admit a kind of addiction, but the satisfaction of exploding spirits far outweighs their influence. A big reason for the strange popularity of watching other people pop pimples is the innate feeling that these videos evoke.

For some, the reason for the obsession with pimpy videos is more the thrill of the footage than the disgust factor. Those who have been diagnosed with problems such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks and insomnia report feeling more relaxed and satisfied after watching these videos. For others, it is not that the footage is crude or exciting, but rather that it is reassuring.

If you’re lucky enough to have a golf ball-sized blackhead on your face, you can experience your satisfaction from viewing some of the most bizarre, pop-popping videos on the internet. According to Dr. Sandra Lee, a famous celebrity from around the world who has a pop-up YouTube page with 144,000 followers, many of her fans find watching videos in which she expels pimples and cysts strangely soothing. Whether love for watching these videos comes from the desire for disgust, thrill, danger, safety net or the reassuring feeling of ASMR, it seems clear that there is no obvious harm in watching these videos.

A new video about Schwarzkopf extraction is making the rounds on the Internet and has been viewed a whopping 1.5 million times. Get ready for hours of shuddering, vomiting, and satisfying pimple-popping material from the internet. You have a whole YouTube playlist with pimple popping, blackheads extractions, and Dr. Pimple Popper’s biggest hits, and we have videos for you to watch.

In Dr Pimple Popper’s latest video, you can see him pulling a massive blackhead out of a man’s scalp. In Dr. Pimp Popper’s new Instagram video, he expresses a tick of a giant blackhead that is too big for its extractor. In this video, Dr P’s pimple-poppers squeeze out a record-breaking ear blackhead, requiring extra leverage.
Medical professionals like Dr. Vikram Yadav and the cult physician Dr. Sandra Lee (known as Dr. Pimple Poppers to more than 2 million YouTube subscribers) gloat their time in the spotlight with weekly videos of all types of incisions, extractions, and distances. Dr. Pimp Poppers uses her popaholics need for blackheads to pull us out of the middle of the working week. From deep blackheads to blackheads with super-long hair (Ewwww) to the complete wonderland of blackheads, their blackheads’ satisfaction is unbroken.

There are people who love to squeeze and pop their own pimples or those of their partners, which are not practical for personal enjoyment. If you’re happy to pop a zit or offer pimples to your friends, don’t be ashamed.

Picking has become a cultural phenomenon with millions of fans. We asked experts to show us what pimple pop videos have attracted people, including the woman behind the craze herself, Dr. Pimple Popper, dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD. Here’s a look at why people love it, how it works and what you can do to make your own pop.

Our fascination with pimpy videos seems to tap into our original urge to remove things in our bodies we find dangerous, says Hersha Diaz, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist. Like Dr. Lee, Diaz notes that pimple-pop videos tend to reassure viewers. While others find it disturbing, Holsinger says she finds it satisfying.

The clients in Lee’s videos remain anonymous, but her show manages to include the perspective of patients, Holsinger said. Episodes in the series include three more procedures that add a back story to the patient and show how their skin affects their lives. This article contains videos of medical procedures that can be descriptive.

In the picky community, stubborn blackheads are waiting to be squeezed and hidden beneath the surface of the internet. We often refer to pimples as volcanoes, but this is an exaggeration. Today, homemade pop videos emerging from the rough depths of Reddit forums have become the new norm.